Build It Your Way

Sanitizer with Access Door

keep odors at bay

Fire Stops

Lever Handles

ADA approved

Heat Sensor

Keyed Non-Removable Cylinder Lock

Smoke Detector with Relay

Pneumatic Doors

accessible for everyone

Manual (On/Off Switch)

Noise Reduction

minimize disruption

  • Isolator pads
  • Soundcoat
  • Baffles

Electric Interlock Doors

safely operate one door at a time

Control Panel

  • Type I: Manual Switch Chute Control – Allows simple on/off function with LED indicator lights to show status during regular operation and shutdown periods
  • Type II: Manual Switch w/ Sanitizer Control – For chutes with a wash down/sanitizing system, ensure sanitizer cannot be activated while the doors are accessible. The two switches are interlocked, guaranteeing users stay safe and dry while wash down is in use. The second switch offers the same on/off function as Type I panel.